Hi I'm Julie. 

Welcome to my blog! I started blogging a few years back when I had what I like to refer to as an ICM, Immobilizing Closet Moment. We've all been there, standing in the closet with a blank stare uttering those ridiculous words, "I have nothing to wear" while surrounded by a closet full of clothes. But on this particular morning I was sitting on a pile of clothes I had deemed epic failures and I happened to have my laptop nearby. And so it began.

I needed answers, why didn't I like any of my clothes!?! Why was my (then teenage) daughter sending me back to the closet with increased frequency and when the heck had I become....it pains me to say this...so freakn' drab!!! 

I began to analyze... Once sought after for my style advice as a fashion designer, (many life and career changes later), when did I become someone whose style I would not covet??? I studied the magazine pages I was constantly pulling out and the women I noticed on the street who I thought looked fabulous and realized what was in my own closet wasn't any of that! So I came up with this test, and I urge you to try it, when you get dressed in the morning and you look in the mirror ask yourself this very telling question. "If I saw a women on the street today in this outfit would I think she looked fabulous or would I send her back to the closet?" If the answer is the latter take off that outfit and toss it into the charity pile! 

Needless to say I was not left with very much. And so began my journey, which spilled over into my life taking everything in its path from drabulous to fabulous. Fashion, food, decor, work, travel and relationships, yup it all went from drab to fab because why not make everything and everyday fabulous!?! Are you with me? 

And don't think this is about spending a zillion dollars because the other part of my blogging is to share how to live your fabulousness on a working girls budget! It's always been the thrill of the hunt for me. If I'm standing next to you and we are wearing the same jeans and you paid $80 for them, I'll bet you that $80 that I paid $40!  And that makes me happy. In those famous words (of Tjmaxx) 'Never Pay Full Price For Fabulous!'

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll keep visiting to share in the joy
of taking the every day drab and turning it into the forever fab!


  1. 'Drabulous' has now been added to my lexicon of getting dressed words. And you have a keen new follower... x

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