Happy Be Well Wednesday!  After the stress level of yesterdays election this seemed like a good day for this post on how to stay calm.

I start out every morning believing that it's going to be a glorious day, and it usually is. I believe that what you focus on, you manifest, so I focus on a glorious day and that's what I get, usually...

But then every once in a get exhausted, the real kind where you have to actually lay down and take a nap, you schedule two meetings at the same time, the toilet overflows, you start a new job, the car needs breaks, the dog is sick, you run out of gas, there is an uncatchable mosquito in your house and it thinks you're a smorgasbord, money you were expecting isn't coming and as you write your blog post, at midnight, while waiting for the sick dogs pillow to come out of the wash, the washing machine overflows. SO, let's talk about staying calm...

Below are seven great tips, I'll add two more; meditation and mind control.

People think meditation is some deep dark secret technique but all it is is sitting quietly, yes your mind will wonder, you just bring it back to nothing and focus on your breathing. If that's to hard focus on your favorite place, the ocean, an island, a mountain hike, or utilize one of the endless guided meditations on Youtube to guide you through, and they're free by the way. There is no right or wrong way to meditate.

As for mind control, here's my simple trick ~ when you feel anxious and stressed replace the thought that's causing you worry with a thought of something you're grateful for.  You'll be amazed at how your focus and mood can so easily and quickly be re-routed. It's so simple and it really works. Swap worry for trust and fear for possibility.

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And of course if all that fails...

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