Warning; this post is dripping with Chanel, brace yourself for lusting.

What do you do when you can't sleep?  I pin, and pin, and pin, and pin. It was about 2 AM one night last week and someone had pinned some items from the Chanel Ready to Wear 2016 Spring Collection.  Did it matter that spring 2016 is behind us?  Not one bit as Chanel is the epitome of timeless style. After all, who in history, besides Coco Chanel, could design a handbag, The Classic 59 to be exact, that would still be as popular today as it was in 1959 ???  I couldn't help be reminded of what a Chanel lover I am. That being said, I do have a little story, I know, shocking :).... 

One upon a time, I was a fashion design student at FIT in NY. It was 1980 something and I had my Chanel.... obsession.. Thought I was going to say bag didn't you? No, just obsession...

I was hooked on everything Chanel back then, not that I could afford any of it but a girl can dream right? I wore Chanel No. 5 and bought my share of boxy tweedy Chanelish type jackets I'd find at Lohman's to wear with my jeans and long multiple strands of pearls on black turtle necks pinned on the side with vintage brooches I'd buy on the streets of New York. I'd scour vintage and re-sale shops on the weekends hunting and hoping that someone had donated something Chanel (by accident). And one day, as luck would have it, I found an actual Chanel head band. Now again, it was the 80's and my hair was curly, frizzy and huge and in order for a head band to stay on it, it would have had to be made of steel.  Of all things, not a bag, jacket or hat I scored this headband. Years later I would have a daughter and proudly bestow it upon her head like a crown. 
Although those days are long gone, I'm still a sucker for a good tweedy boxy jacket and one of these days I will buy The Classic 59.  However, I did end up with a different Chanel bag, probably the ugliest one ever made, it comes with a story, naturally. I posted it a few years back you can read it here.
For now let's just swoon...
photos via Vogue.com

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