Here's a quick reference on yummy Valentine Treats - and their calories!
Chocolate Kisses
                             10 Chocolate Kisses - 220 calories

         Chocolate truffles

           Four Chocolate Champagne Truffles - 240 calories

Slice of pizza

    One Slice of Heart-Shaped Cheese Pizza - 270 calorie

     Valentine?s day candy

A Handful of Red-Hot Cinnamon Hearts - 100 calories

                            Chocolate covered strawberries

Four Dark-Chocolate-Covered Strawberries - 200 Calories
                                 Frosted cupcake

                                   One Iced Cupcake - 290 calories

                Chocolate covered almonds
                       9 Chocolate Almonds - 230 calories             Champagne

    A 6 oz. Glass of Champagne - 150 calories
                                                                                Chocolate Heart candy
One 3-oz Chocolate Heart - 230 calories

         Valentine?s day dinner
                                  One 4-oz Filet Mignon - 280 calories

                                 Stack of chocolate chip cookies
            Two Medium Chocolate Chip Cookies - 360 calories

                                                Chocolate ice cream 

           One-Half Cup of Chocolate Ice Cream - 270 calories

                             Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods              
               2 Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods - 350 calories

            Conversation Heart candies                    
                                   20 Conversation Hearts - 120 calories
                                           Happy Snack Loving

Pictures and calorie counts courtesy of Fitness Magazine

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