Monday Must Haves;  Until recently I would have to search for upscale designers and stylists doing more affordable lines, but as you know, times they are a changin'!  It's not everyday you can buy a dress from the amazing Eric Daman, stylist for Gossip Girls!  But now that he has teamed up with Charlotte Russe let's get the party started with what else, a PARTY DRESS!

Eric Daman Dot Print Dress
 at the amazing price of $39.50

Eric Daman Dot Print Dress

Eric Daman Shimmery Bubble Dress  a party prize at $44.50

Eric Daman Shimmery Bubble Dress

Eric Daman Mesh Dot Party Dress
 gorgeous color and great price $44.50

Eric Daman Mesh Dot Party Dress

A note about my spelling of the word Armoir on Friday. Those of you that read my blogs know that spelling is not my strong suite suit, haha, just kidding. Thanks to my sister Laurie for pointing it out. For someone who owns a few Armoires I should know how to spell it. Betrayed by spell check yet again.

Party on!

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