FAB FINDS FRIDAY: One Girls Trash Is Another Girls Treasure

I often say that one girls trash is another girls treasure, and I'm here to tell you, I really mean it!  Recycling doesn't only mean your trash, it also means stuff, stuff that lasts forever.  Recently inspired by an instagram account I follow of @katekeeseeoc I made a little trip to Orange County.  To the Goodwill. Yes, that was a trip.  If you're a thrifter, and I am, then you track down the good stuff even when it's an hours drive.  Kate makes insta stories at this Goodwill and the home decor stuff always looks amazing.  And if you're a DIYer and/or a dumpster diver, you should follow her!

Here I am, that's the face of a happy bargain hunter, one more thing and I wouldn't have been able to see over the cart!
I went looking for a round rug, not easy to find.  Mike came with me, and it was a good thing he did because I wouldn't have been able to lift the rugs out of the huge bin they were in.  Tons of rugs, all new, still in their wrappings.  Him being tall made it easy,  I really couldn't even reach them!

My daughter was in NY at the time, she also loves thrifting, so she had me face time her with the camera facing out and she was all "wait let me see that, what's that over there?"  At one point she noticed this great basket and a woman behind me said "I want to talk to whoever is on the phone, they have great taste".  We kind of became a spectacle.  The store is huge.  I'll show you my haul as I incorporate it all in my current home makeover (on a $0 budget) but for now I decided to cruise through my house and share some of the amazing things I have picked up curb side through the years for FREE.  I guess you could call me a dumpster diver although I've never actually gone into a dumpster to take anything out.  My stuff just seems to show up in my path, usually curbside.

This beautiful pot was $10!  Going to put it here and move the terra-cotta one across the room, we'll put another cactus in it.  We take cuttings of cactus from outside, we have so many.  So that's FREE.
Here's a closer look at the pot and the round rug.  Still trying to get the lumps out.  First dog to pee on it gets coal for Christmas.
Here's the basket my daughter picked out.  The top half was folded in, and it just looked like a regular shape basket (you can see it in the shopping cart picture) which was nice enough but when I got it home I noticed the handles inside and pulled them out and it turned into this basket, I love it!  These are expensive, this one was $10.  She let me take a picture of it in her apartment in fact this entire corner was thrifted.  She even got the fiddle leaf fig off Craigs list for $15, the gorgeous light was a $40 antique store find and the flower pot was FREE when a neighbor was moving.  Also the picture on the wall was thrifted.  (FYI, real life pictures include mail on tables.)
My dining room 'antler' chandelier was FREE from a friend who moved to a new house and the ceilings were to low for it.  We have high ceilings although Mike still manages to impale his head on it every now and then.
Come on, what trip to Goodwill would be complete if I didn't so something ridiculous.  What can I say, I love Unicorns.
This table was a curb side find, FREE.  It was black and I left it that way for a while.  Now that we're doing a little make over I just painted it blue.  I'll be sharing before and afters soon, this is still a work in progress.  But this is my favorite blue, it matches my interior doors.   And still trying to get the lumps out of the rug.
This goes waaaay back.  My dress form from when I was a fashion designer in NY, another life-time ago.  I worked for a dress company that got a bunch of new forms and was getting rid of some old ones.  I asked if I could have one.  My boss said sure.  But I had to get it out of there.   From Manhattan.  To Queens.  On the train.  After a 30 floor elevator ride down, I wheeled it 10 blocks to Penn Station.  I got a few weird looks, but mostly people ignored me, cause, that's NY.   Down two escalators,  (oh yes I did), over the scary gap and onto the train.  It hung out the window of the car for the 10 minute ride home from the train station and then from the street to the court we lived in, farthest apartment of course and on the second floor so two more flights of stairs.  It was home.  Mine forever.  I even moved it across the country.  
This leopard chair, in mint condition, came out of a storage room of a building I worked in, put out for the trash truck and saved by me. 
Here it is in action, that one time my desk was clean.
 Two of these French windows were out with someones trash.  I have the other one outside in my garden.  I love them!  FREE
Pardon the Stella Monster, she thinks everything is hers.  This was a FREE bench, needs new cushions but I've had it about 20 years.
Happened to be passing by a house in my neighborhood and noticed an elderly lady putting this adorable ice cream parlor set out at the curb with a sign that said FREE.  I stopped and said I'd take it and she was so thrilled, said she had it for 40 years but was moving into a retirement home.  One can of black Rustoleum spray paint and it looked brand new.   It's sits in my veggie garden, which right now as you can see is a bit of a mess, full of ashes and debris from he recent winds and fires. (Real life).   Also while we're in my garden, the bricks were FREE too.  I noticed them at the curb of a neighbor down the street.  I made 5 trips with my trusty wheel barrel, up hill.  And I laid them myself.  I am woman hear me roar.
Tile chairs, two of them, garage sale $5 each.
Another FREE table and chairs that someone was putting out to pasture.  I have a similar one from Pier 1 so I know the value.  Left by the curb for reasons unknown.
Stained glass from a construction site.
Got this chair for FREE, also with a matching ottoman, very Hollywood glam, and of course Stella claimed it.
And probably the most expensive thing I've ever gotten for FREE is our fireplace mantle.  I spotted it leaning against a pile of construction debris in front of a 10,000 sq. ft. custom home being built in Beverly Hills.  I stopped and asked the construction workers if they were getting rid of it and they said the homeowner changed her mind, and wanted a different one and told them to throw it out! They said no one wanted it because it was too heavy, it's solid concreted.  Oh come on you know I wasn't passing this up!  I asked them to make sure no one took it and told them I'd be right back.  Right back as in the time it took me to rent a U-haul truck and stop at the ATM for a little tip money.  When I got back they loaded it into the truck for me.  I had just moved into my house and the fireplace was just a hole in a charred wall, no mantle.  I was ecstatic!  
Get your bargain on!


Helloooo ~ And Happy November!  Motivation Monday is back!  Can you believe it's the start of the Holiday Season!  (I know, I use an awful lot of exclamation points).

November is such a great month.  It finally got chilly enough to wear a sweater is Los Angeles.  Of course come the middle of the day we have to blast the AC at the office but we're still wearing sweaters.  And boots, I'm a boot girl, we go from sandals to boots and... usually back to sandals until about January.  The weather's fickle and Mother Natures been on a rampage around here as I'm sure you've seen on the news.  But it's November and it's time to shed, whether it's people, pounds or fill in the blank_____.  November has always been a month that signals releasing.  Let's take a lesson from the trees.

And of course it's the start of the Holiday Season.  So here's a few quotes to get you in the mood for fall.  And of course a jump start on pumpkin spice, hearty soups, roaring fires, (in fire places only please),  big cozy sweaters and warm hearts.


Happy October!  Honestly, I've literally changed that from Happy August to Happy September to Happy October.  This post has been in my Que for so long. That's life lately.  Everything is late.  Grief stinks.  So here is my post, from May. EK!

This is for my fellow ~ beautiful gardens, adorable animals and spectacular homes ~ lovers.

I have two favorite events each year, the Ojai Holiday Home Tour in November, which I attend as a tradition with one of my girlfriends and the Ojai Garden Tour which I attend in May with my husband.

There was a very special home on the Holiday Tour last year, called Patina Farm.  It's the home of Brooke and Steve Giannetti, she's a designer and he's an architect, and Patina Farm is a dream come true for them.  Literally, they dreamed it, designed it and built it from 5 acres of nothing in Ojai CA.  It's a farm complete with in and outdoor animal access, veggie gardens, barns and greenhouse.  But this is not your grandpa's farm, this is farmhouse chic at it's finest.  And it's dreamy to say the least.  Every detail just makes you want to move right in. (My grandpa actually had a grocery store in Queens lol).

Also, last year was a special year for the tour as the previous year, in December of 2017, Ojai was on fire from the horrific Thomas fires.  So the 2018 Holiday Home Tour was special and we were going no matter what, except that now the West Valley and Malibu was on fire and our neighborhood was just one neighborhood away.  I won't rehash how hard the decision was to go because you can read it on my original blog post here.  From the crazy experience of getting there, the hour trip that took three hours, to driving passed landscape engulfed in flames and getting lost in a rock query!  Just a note ~ all of the pictures on my blog posts are taken by me with the exception of the Ojai Holiday Home Tour because, out of respect for the homeowners privacy, there are no photos permitted inside the homes.  So I used the photos from the web site and brochure, since they're already out in the public eye, so check out that post to see inside the gorgeous home that is Patina Farm and for an extra up close and personal peek follow Brooke on instagram at @velvetandlinen.

OK so now we're up to speed and into this past May and I find out that Brook and Steve are hosting a book launch party for their new, and amazing book, Patina Living at Patina Farm.  I knew I had to get us on the invitation list.  After all, I had blabbed about this home to Mike for months and now he could actually see it for himself.  I was beyond excited.  And, drum roll please, it was going be the same day as the Ojai Garden Tour!  Be still heart.

It was so lovely and so interesting to have Steve (homeowner and architect) himself give a tour of their home and explain the ideas behind some of their architectural and design decisions, so much creativity.

Brook singed my book and the next day I read it from cover to cover and when I was done I literally felt like I had just been on a very relaxing vacation.  Not to say that taking care of that kind of space and all those animals isn't hard because just taking care of our 3 dogs and one cat sometimes feels like we're running a zoo, but the rewards from that I totally get.  Brooks honest depiction of their life and how they take care of that many animals was a dream read for me and her intro to the book where she describes having to evacuate all the animals when they where surrounded by flames the morning of the Thomas fire is extremely moving.  So get the book!

Again, if you want to see their home check out this post, and Brooke's instagram.  I just took pictures of the animals because I was totally obsessed.  And with endearing and hilarious names like Thelma and Louise (those are the sister pygmy goats) Dot, Linen, Paisley and Cashmere, who wouldn't fall in love?  There's SeƱor Hector Fuzzbottom, the adorable rabbit that lives in Steve's office and the donkeys Blossom and Buttercup.  There's the quail habitat and the doves, the ducklings and the chickens and they just adopted the cutest three little pigs, Prudence, Alice and Frank.  And I'm sure I've only put a dent in the list.

Just going to start with this Shayna Punim (that's yiddish for cutie patootie).  I mean seriously this face!
And this one!
Look closely, I was photo bombed by a Donkey.
When I started following Brooke on Instagram I saw that they have a store in Santa Barbara so I followed @giannettihome and I noticed the store has a beautiful court yard, I'm a sucker for a beautiful courtyard.  It looked really familiar to me and sure enough I scrolled through my instagram and there it was from a few years ago.  Before I had ever heard of Patina Farm I had walked passed that courtyard in Sant Barbara and took this picture to post on my instagram! That's just a little tidbit that probably only I think is cool :/
Now, as if that wasn't enough, here are the beauties from The Garden Tour.

And guess what!?  It's almost time for the Holiday Tour again.  Well that just made my head spin.