I started writing this post on Friday night and all I kept saying was how could this trip have been a week ago already! It felt like we just got back. We had such a wonderful time. I was numb for a few days after. A thousand hugs to my friend Kate for staying over and watching our fur babies!
Austin TX is a great city. None of us had ever been there before. It's contemporary yet quaint, picturesque with a hip small town vibe juxtaposed against a modern city skyline. It's also the home of a huge annual film and music festival called SXSW, (South By South West), and that's what brought us to Austin.We were there for the premier of  'WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY'. A film about the untold story of Emily Dickinson, found through published letters which alter what history has lead us to believe about this famous poet. It's a comedy staring the amazing Molly Shannon as Emily and my daughter, Dana Melanie, as young Emily. This film manages a political message as well as the ability to tug at your hart strings as you're laughing out loud. That's quite a task pulled off by director Madeleine Olnek, a true creative genius, and a wonderful cast. If you're interested in reading about the film this great review in IndieWire nails it better than anything I could write here. There's also a shout out to Dana and her co-star who plays young Susan, Emily's lover, calling the young actors 'Excellent'.  The screening was held in the beautiful Paramount Theaters, 1100 seats and it was full!
After the excitement of the Red Carpet and all the Press and seeing the film for the first time, and loving it, my daughter had a lot of people come up to her on the street to compliment her performance or ask to take her picture. I'm always stuck by how moved and humble she is when this happens to her and I'm confident that she will always be this way, even when accepting her future Oscar, and making her brilliant speech, you know the one where she profusely thanks her wonderful Mother (heehee).
Most of the action was downtown which is made up of some amazingly old gorgeous stone buildings reminiscent of the wild west, after all it is still Texas.  Which also explains the picture below of the no guns sign, and that was on the door of a bank no less! The main road is Congress Street, at the end of Congress is the beautiful Capital Building built in 1852.
Over this bridge is called 'South of Congress' which is a really cool neighborhood with hip shops, lots of vintage, great restaurants and coffee shops.  And the food! Austin has great food, who knew? We're forever spoiled for Tacos after visiting Taco Deli on the recommendation an Austin Instagramer. And food trucks are very popular. At the after party for the film there was a taco truck, I had a veggie taco which was amazing. I'll never look at tacos the same again, I wasn't even a fan of tacos! I'd go back just for the tacos. OK enough about Tacos. We also visited Barton Springs which is this beautiful park with a huge 'pool' which is really a river that was freezing and a little to murky for me but it's where everyone who lives in Austin goes to swim, hike, bike, run, bring their dogs, etc.

It was fun walking around a city at all hours too, not sure how it would be without a film festival as there was so much action and so many festival goers. I clocked about 18,000 steps every day on my fitness pal, which of course meant more tacos :)

The real Rocky Mountain High. Till Next time Austin!


Happy Motivation Monday, and Happy March!  People are talking about spring already, but here in LA it just started to get cold and crisp (50's, that's cold to me). So although March is typically the 'looking forward to warm weather month', I'm enjoying having a fire every night and sleeping in layers. I'm not ready for all these Easter displays and pastel colors! Can't we just live in the moment?!

The first Monday of the month is when I write down all the things I plan to accomplish for the month, goal, tasks, events, etc. and I look back at the previous month and see what I accomplished, (pat on the back), what I thought I would accomplish and didn't, (slap on the head, I mean let myself off the hook :) and what I'm taking with me into the new month, what ideas no longer serve me and what new things have come up to add. I know I've mentioned this before but it's actually a proven fact that when you commit your goals to paper, you're much more likely to accomplish them. I have a month filed with travel, birthday celebrations, and some fabulous projects. I hope your month is filled with what ever makes you happy and...

A March that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!


Snoopy on a Valentines Day card will forever remind me of my grammar school days at P.S. 169. I would always pick the box of Snoopy cards to give out at school and I'd agonize for days over who to give them to and worry about whether I'd get any in return. If only I could have wrapped that scrawny little insecure girl up in my arms and told her she had nothing to worry about.
Be good to yourself and.....
Don't forget to shower some well deserved love on yourself today and everyday!
Happy Valentines Day


Helloooo and Happy first Monday of February! 
I saw this very cute quote on social media about starting the new year on February 1st, I think they're on to something! 
At the beginning of each new year I always choose a word. Something to help set my intention and to be a constant reminder, a theme, of how I want my year to feel. Sometimes it's a few words, sometimes it's complicated but this year it is simply HAPPY. Yup, that's my word, HAPPY.  I stole it from my husband, he picked it as his word first. The thing about Happiness, that most people forget, or never knew in the first place, is that Happiness is a choice. And that choice is yours, and yours alone. To be truly happy all the time means that you have to choose happiness everyday no matter what is going on around you. It means if you are having a bad day at work, you can still choose to be happy. If you didn't get something you expected, you can still choose to be happy. When we wake up tomorrow and Trump is still president, we can still choose to be happy (some happy will obviously be more challenging then others). 

These little guys are worth sharing again.