Snoopy on a Valentines Day card will forever remind me of my grammar school days at P.S. 169. I would always pick the box of Snoopy cards to give out at school and I'd agonize for days over who to give them to and worry about whether I'd get any in return. If only I could have wrapped that scrawny little insecure girl up in my arms and told her she had nothing to worry about.
Be good to yourself and.....
Don't forget to shower some well deserved love on yourself today and everyday!
Happy Valentines Day


Helloooo and Happy first Monday of February! 
I saw this very cute quote on social media about starting the new year on February 1st, I think they're on to something! 
At the beginning of each new year I always choose a word. Something to help set my intention and to be a constant reminder, a theme, of how I want my year to feel. Sometimes it's a few words, sometimes it's complicated but this year it is simply HAPPY. Yup, that's my word, HAPPY.  I stole it from my husband, he picked it as his word first. The thing about Happiness, that most people forget, or never knew in the first place, is that Happiness is a choice. And that choice is yours, and yours alone. To be truly happy all the time means that you have to choose happiness everyday no matter what is going on around you. It means if you are having a bad day at work, you can still choose to be happy. If you didn't get something you expected, you can still choose to be happy. When we wake up tomorrow and Trump is still president, we can still choose to be happy (some happy will obviously be more challenging then others). 

These little guys are worth sharing again.


Helloooo and happy weekend! To those of you that follow me on social media, apologies for the redundancy, but I know some of my readers aren't on social media so I wanted to share about this special film project that is so near and dear to my hart.

Two years ago I wrote and produced a short film called 'Waiting To Die in Bayside, Queens', inspired by my life as a frizzy haired hypochondriac teenager. My daughter sparked the idea and actually gave me a list of her favorite stories that I have been telling her over the years thinking that they were very funny. Although sometimes she called them pathetic, I like to think of them as funny. Well as it turned out other people think they're funny too!

The film was successful on the festival circuit in 2017 and won 5 awards including a Best Screenplay for me and a Best Actress for my daughter, actress Dana Melanie, who plays me. On Monday, January 22nd we released it online. BIG thank you to all of you who clicked on to watch, shared it with your networks and took the time to write such sweet comments. It has meant so much to me and to our wonderful cast and crew. We are very grateful!

For me traveling down memory lane was especially poignant as this came about not long after my Mother was diagnosed with Dementia. And that's a whole other blog post, that someday I will publish.

To those of you that have asked for more.....a half hour comedy series is on the horizon. So stand by!

But for now, here are some behind the scenes photos and if you haven't seen it yet, click the link! It's just a little over 6 minutes and good for a laugh!

                                    I bring you..   'Waiting To Die In Bayside Queens

The whole crew had such fun pelting Dana with toilet paper rolls over and over until they got the shot. Don't know how she kept a straight face while the rest of us were busting up.

The Monkey's watching over her.

These guys, pretending to be serious.
This little guy was a real pro on set. He played Irving, the turtle I got the day before kindergarten for 10 cents at the local Five & Dime store. The first day of school he ran away. I was convinced it was my fault because I left him. We found him two weeks later under the radiator, alive. He grew to be 10"  long and 5" wide and we had to keep him in a 20 gallon fish tank so he wouldn't climb out. What a bargain!
Being a good producer means getting everyones IN & OUT order right. Kidding, not kidding.

 We always had chicken.
The Dr.'s Hands that had just been peed on by the cat :O
Wonder Bread, it's a wonder it didn't kill us all.


Where did the week go?  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled it's Friday and also that it's finally a little chilly in LA! I know, my east coast friends are hating me for saying that, sorry! But it's sweater and boot weather, YAY!  So here are some fav fab finds to cozy up in.

I'm completely in love with this sweater from Rachel Parcel. It's $48. This is a hard color, one of the Pantones 2018 colors, not everything, or everyone, looks good in it. But this sweater nails it. Plus I'm a sucker for a good pom poms.
If you're a fellow leopard lover this faux fur coat is on sale for $25 if you're a plus size.
This beautiful Faux Suede longline vest $45. Love!
An over sized and chic rain coat works well if you need to layer up underneath. A great deal at $38!
Wide Calf Riding Boot on Sale $45! I have a similar pair, love this look.
Faux Fur Throws are very popular on my couch when it's cold.  And these are so toasty.
Have a fab weekend and Get Your Bargain On!