HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To all of us mothers, whether you nurture a human, a fur baby, your friends, your home, we are all mothers to someone or something and that makes us all pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy today and know how incredible you are!

I wanted to share a little of the Mother of all Mothers, Mother Nature, with you today from yesterdays Ojai Garden Tour. I love this event which takes place every year on Mothers Day weekend. I love seeing other peoples gardens, getting ideas and just taking in all the creativity between artists and nature. And honestly I just really like looking in peoples yards. I'm a garden peeing Tom. As usual yesterday did not disappoint. There were five very diverse homes on the tour. I took so many pictures, here's a sampling, a large sampling, of some of my favs. I have a thing for outdoor living spaces, dinning areas, random seating nooks, wild flowers, veggie patches, cute garden sheds and garden art. OK everything.

It was the first time it ever rained for this event but we had so much fun it didn't matter. Here I am just after we picked up our wrist bands at the Chamber of Commerce, kind of wanted a picture before my hair went to hell in the rain :O
How sweet is this pot!?
And this wheel barrel full of edibles.
And that's a grape vine on the fence that went around the entire property. 
Gorgeous olive tree.
This Mediterranean garden was stunning.
The outdoor living room.
Outdoor dinning table.
Hidden pots peeking out from everywhere.
A day in Ojai is not complete without lunch at our favorite place, Papa Lennons.
 Lots of unique garden art.
I look a little Pharrellish in this hat though.
I think the rust on these chairs adds to their charm.
Very cool Bamboo.
It's the little things.
This lead to a dreamy unexpected garden.
A sweet entrance but my husband had to bend down to fit. Teehee
Sweet garden shed.
He always find the treats! This house had home made brownies.
Let's just sit.
Mother Natures Pom Poms.

You can see a few past tours herehere and here.


Happy Monday and Happy May! Although it's already the second week, technically it's still the first Monday. I really wasn't ready to let go of April, it was a beautiful month and it flew by way too fast! May is filled with lots of really exciting projects, Mothers Day, a visit from my sister and, drum roll please...one of my favorite things, the Ojai Garden Tour!!!
Motivating me for May is stopping and smelling the roses, literally! That's the first rose from our garden this year, bottom left. 

One morning last week I was rushing to get to an early meeting. As I turned down a short cut near my office, two dogs were running in the street. If you know me you know that I could never keep driving when I see dogs that obviously got out of their yard. They both had a tag but would they bite my hand off if I went for it? Having to choose between being late for a meeting and rescuing two dogs, well, I chose the dogs. 

I opened my window and started talking to them and they came right over and jumped on the car so I knew they were friendly. I parked and got out. They ran, I called them, they came back, then they ran. This went on for a while until I remembered I had some crackers in the car. Thor, (as it turned out) liked them, Maya did not, they were gluten free, she was picky. Anyway, I could not get a hold on the both of them. Then along came Steve, a stranger to me, clearly out for a nice walk with a big pair of headphones. He asked if he could help and managed to hold the dogs while I called the number on the tags. The owner was on the way and Steve's fingers were breaking, these dogs did not want to stay still. Then came Sandy who saw us out her window, we were standing in her driveway. She brought out two leashes, much easier on poor Steve. 

The dog Mom arrived and took them, I checked my phone and the person I was supposed to meet had canceled and never even knew I was late. Steve went back to his walk and I told Sandy I always pass her house and the yard looks so beautiful and she asked if I wanted a tour!  I was so excited, secretly I always wondered what was back there, the neighborhood is zoned for horses and all of the properties sit on a few acres. When we walked through the gate it was magical. She had ten horses, all rescues and she told me the story of how she got each one of them. That's Goldie below. There were rabbits, her dogs, flowers, fountains, sitting areas, stables, an arena, it was a garden/animal lovers fantasy land. And she told me that this had always been her dream. And dreams come true. I have to agree. 

That morning was such a treat and I think it was my gift for rescuing the dogs. The moral of this story is...... no matter what you have planned, there's always time for life ~ if you are willing to stop and let it in.
My wish for you for May...


It's time to update for Spring! And if there's one thing your spring wardrobe should not be without it's a great pair of denim jeans. Actually that goes for spring, summer, fall and winter too. No matter what size you are, or what your jean style is, a great pair of jeans can go anywhere. And if you can afford a few pairs, a black, cream and white pair will do a great job stretching your wardrobe. You'll be seeing a lot of casual tops, comfy flats, chunky sandals and straw bags in all shapes and sizes. You'll be seeing the round one below on me for sure. Here's some ideas, with working girl prices, so you can Get Your Bargain On!
 Mid Rise Skinny                           Flare Crop                Boyfriend Straight Distressed
                  Crop Jeans                                                          Straw Bag                       
 Mariner Stripe Top                                       Asos Jaslynn Espadrilles
                             Lace top                                                       Boyfriend Jeans
                        Converse Kicks                                           Asos Straw Circle Bag
                           White Blouse                                                             Boyfriend Jeans
                      River Island Straw Tote                                          Asos Movement Loafers   
              Boohoo Stripe Top                                               Mid-Rise Curvy Straight Jeans
             Raid Brigid Espadrilles                                     Bershka Mini Structured Straw Bag 
Mid-Rise Black Rockstar Super Skinnies   High-Rise wide Ankle  Mid-Rise Beige Skinny


Happy Hump Day! I'm so excited to share about this amazing book called Thyroid Healing by Anthony William, a New York Times Best Selling Author. STOP right there if you're saying, "oh I don't need to read this because there is nothing wrong with my thyroid". Think again, because you will find the answers to every illness you have ever had, big or small, and every illness in your family history in this book and how it is all connected to the viruses we carry and the foods we eat.
Anthony William is a Medical Medium and a trained western medical Dr. as well. For those of you that just raised an eye brow when you read 'medical medium', like what the hell is that? Well, a medium is an intuitive person and a medical medium is someone who can intuitively tell what's wrong with a person. Quite the combination as I came to understand after finding this book. It's a HUGE eye opener. So first off, let me just say, I do not know Anthony William, I think he's a genius, but I don't know him.This is not a sponsored post or an ad, this is just me sharing because that's what I do when I find something amazing. And this is amazing.

I could probably write my own book about this book but to keep this post reasonably short, OK medium,  I'll start with my own story. About 4 years ago I was working in an extremely toxic environment with people that were nasty monsters, seriously, that's the only way I can describe them (without cursing). And we all know toxic environments are stressful, to say the least. I noticed a bump at the base of my throat where my neck meets my collar bone. Now, I am not a fan of western medicine, I prefer holistic medicine, but sometimes you just have to get checked out by technology, which in this case meant a sonogram.  The Dr. didn't think it was cause for much concern, she blamed the stress of the afore-mentioned monsters. I had almost forgotten about the test when the Dr. called me.  I remember I was sitting with my feet up on my desk and when she identified herself I really didn't listen to anything she said because in my head I kept hearing, 'why is the doctor calling me, doctors don't call me'. And then I heard the B word which stopped me cold. She said I needed a biopsy because I had thyroid nodules and that they were bigger than normal range. The biopsy, which hurt like hell in the neck, showed that the nodules, were benign thank GOD. 95% of the time this is the case. This was good. What caused them, they don't know, not good. How to get rid of them, they don't know, again, not good. Western medicine at it's finest.

I was very relieved and very grateful but when she said it's just something you'll have to live with I said no thanks. It's not normal to have these on my thyroid so I wanted to get rid of them. The first thing I did was quit working with the nasty monsters. Then I went into my usual research every natural remedy on the planet mode for this condition and six months later when I was rechecked by sonogram again, she was surprised to see that the little buggers had shrunk. Now four years later, they are teeny tiny and there is no longer a visible bump on my throat. I told her what I was doing, which was a combination of a tea called Lady Bed-straw, that I had to order from Belgium, a treatment with cabbage, very stinky, tapping, which she knew nothing about, and a few other natural remedies. She looked at me like I was crazy but said 'whatever works'. Now that I have read this book and know the right food combos I'm confident that my nodules will be completely gone next time they are checked.

Fast forward to the reason I bought the Thyroid Healing book. Dr. William describes nodules as a side effect of the Epstein Bar virus, that we carry whether it's active or dormant. He explains that when the immune system isn't able to destroy the virus it attempts to wall off the virus with calcium. That's what thyroid nodules are, calcium prisons for the virus. Well look at that an explanation! And then of course he tells you the foods to eat to rid your body of the virus and heal.
You will learn the miracle of drinking celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach, for real, just celery juice! It cures your gut, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Would you rather take medication? You'll learn the miracle of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. I was a pretty clean eater to begin with and I had already given up gluten and sugar, now I've added dairy, corn products, eggs and canola oil to that list, as recommend in the book and I'm juicing much more.
I've effortlessly lost 10 lbs, THAT NEVER HAPPENS! Fit into a dress I bought two years ago that still had the tags on it because it was too small when I bought, it was on sale, I do that, don't judge me.  I've always paid attention to what I eat but something about this book just makes so much sense that it's literally changed everything I think about my body and it's relationship to food.

Also, I never understand why people think it's more expensive to eat whole foods then processed garbage.This haul below of fruits and veggies cost $22 and then I bought a few staples at Trader Joe's and spent $35!
I hope you will read the book! You can also check out his Instagram account here where he talks about different foods and their healing benefits, the list in the book is just amazing. This pic, before I gave up eggs. Thought I'd miss them but I don't. I also love his list of Grab and Go Combos, since I'm usually grabbing and going. Here are a few of my favorites;

  • Cauliflower and Apple - brings down inflammation in the thyroid
  • Tomatoes and Spinach - together they strengthen the liver and flush the lymphatic system build immune support
  • Celery and Dates - a powerful adrenal restorative
  • Wild Blueberries and Papaya - provides fighting power to stop, reduce and prevent thyroid tumors, cancerous and benign and restore tissue that may have been killed through radioactive treatment
  • Tangerine and Raspberries - helps prevent calcium loss in the thyroid and throughout the body preventing osteoporosis
Here's to our health! Toasting from my juice production line, cheers :)