Happy Be Well Wednesday! My daughter recently gifted me this beautiful magazine called Willow and Sage, full of homemade DIY Bath & Body products to make, totally my thing. It's page after page of absolute stunningness. It's the May/June issue if you want to pick one up, published by Stampinton & Company. She found it at Sprouts Market but I'm pretty sure they also have it at Barnes & Nobel too.

I didn't know what to try first, literally every page has something I want to make, I'm like a kid in a candy store!  Since I have a big lavender bush, the lavender ice cubes caught my eye.  I love the smell of lavender, it always reminds me of a spa. But I didn't know that it also has anti inflammatory properties so by putting it in the ice cubes you can use them to de-puff your eyes and face in the morning.  Just cut the buds right into the ice tray and freeze. Also makes pretty fancy drink ice cubes if you want to show off and makes your water smell heavenly.  Just have a little strainer near by for when the ice melts unless you're OK with a mouth full of lavender buds.
This next recipe is for a scrub I make, super easy. Mix coconut oil and baking soda to a creamy consistency. The baking soda is an inflammation neutralizer and wrinkle fighter and will feel slightly grainy. The coconut oil leaves a smooth film after you wash it off. Your face will look and feel great. Use it on your body too. It has no smell so I add a few drops of orange essential oil and it smells scrumptious.
This is my brown sugar coconut oil scrub, same as with the baking soda, you just mix with brown sugar, this is great in the shower as a body scrub and if you get hungry haha, kidding, not kidding. This is from an older post, see the full post on this one here.


Happy Motivation Monday for the first Monday in June!

Have you made your summer wish list?  I just wrote up my list of June goals and I have to say although there's some big things on it, there's less than usual. I think that's because June is that sweet combination of the excitement of summer and the lazy days of summer. So I hope you get to stroll, swim, sip, sleep in a hammock and just 'be' this summer, but also, if you're goal oriented like me, I hope you kiss some summer a**.

Be Well Wednesday:

Let's talk seeds. Yup, seeds! Those tiny annoying things that get stuck in your teeth. Well guess what? They're super foods, and I mean really, really super. And it's so easy to incorporate them into your life with very little effort and the benefits far out weigh the pain in the ass of carrying around dental floss.
I know, something else to add to our lives, oye, it takes a village. But it does and we're worth it!

I've pulled some charts from my Pinterest Health Board because they're so concise and easy to understand and when you read them you will gasp and say 'WOW' and then you will go buy seeds.

My new favorite breakfast is half an avocado with a mix of pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds. I buy them in bulk from the barrels at Sprouts Market, (if you have a Sprouts), and mix them together, it's cheaper that way. I remove the pit and pour my seed mix in the hole of the avocado and sprinkle with Himalayan pink salt (you can buy this in bulk too, or at Trader Joe's). And that's it, I love the creamy texture mixed with the crunchiness of the seeds and hey it comes in it's own nature made bowl, all you need is a spoon! Eat that in the morning and you have all those lovely antioxidants and vitamins surging through your body all day. And of course don't forget to look in the mirror before you smile ;)

I call special attention to item #7 on this first chart to my tribe of over 50 and fabulous;


Happy Motivation Monday May!  I'm so excited because May is Garden Tour month around here and the Ojai CA Garden Tour is coming up and I can't wait. I'm the first to admit that I'm a garden peeping Tom, so to actually stroll into other peoples gardens, you know, without getting arrested, makes me kind of the happiest girl on Mother Earth. This picture is from last years tour which was spectacular and I can't wait to see what this years tour has in store.

Also, pretty proud of myself for new techie skill accomplishments like writing on this picture, and editing insta stories.
And since it's actually Sunday night, April 30th, as I write this post, I wanted to add just a little April news and pictures about last weekend's premier of my film 'Waiting To Die In Bayside, Queens'.

Last year I wrote a film and co-produced it with my husband and the film's director, called 'Waiting To Die In Bayside Queens'. It's a semi-autobiographical short film based on my life growing up in the 1970's. It's a comedy. It was my daughter's idea to write the film from listening and laughing at my many stories, and being she's an actress, she played me. That was surreal, in a good way.
So last Saturday night it premiered at The Newport Beach Film Festival. As festivals go this is one of the bigger ones so it was extremely exciting that it was an official selection for the Teen Mean Shorts program. It was the first time I saw it on the big screen and again I laughed. And fortunately for me, so did everyone else :)  I'm excited to say it's been accepted into other festivals as well but this was the first so here are some on the pictures from the red carpet.
I also love May because you can use it in a sentence...

May your month be filled with love, 
May you do all you set out to do. 
And May you be fabulous doing it!